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“When I wear a Whitefeather Studio piece, someone always remarks upon it.
Jess’ knowledge of stones plus artistic sensibility means each piece is not only distinctly beautiful, but also has depth and soul.”
Melissa, NC


The owner isn’t wearing jewelry, she’s wearing art John, Florida


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Did you know there is a saint for the stressed and depressed? Her name is Saint Dymphna (dimf-na) of Geel, Belgium . Created by Jewelry Design Artist Jessi Cox — WhiteFeather Studio in Joshua Tree, CA. . . . Storytelling: 7th century Saint Dymphna of Geel, Belgium set a gold standard for community care for the stressed and depressed, as well as for those with other neurological conditions. Invoked for miraculous healings. . St. Dymphna's feast day is on the 15th of May. . "Saint Dymphna is known as the Lily of Éire, due to her spotless virtue. She is traditionally portrayed wearing a crown, dressed in ermine and royal robes, and holding a sword. In modern versions she holds the sword awkwardly, as it symbolizes her #martyrdom, but in the older versions seen on numerous statues and stained glass images, her sword is pricking the neck of a demon – symbolizing her title of #Demon #Slayer. She is also often portrayed holding a lamp, with the chained devil at her feet." . . Foto Ref: Facebook Whitefeather Studio Ref Citation: CatholicExchange.com . #Saint #Dymphna #Geel #Belgium #catholicexchange.com #catholic#exchange #FeatherWhispererStudio #handcrafted #Jewelry #Artist #JessiCox #green #white #travel #adventure #purpose #LOVE #48hhRKK RKK's favorite piece #pendant #depression #48hhart #48hhDemonSlayer #48hhStDymphna

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JC’s work is ENERGY one wears.  Carlos , Owner of ArtFX,  California

The owner isn’t wearing jewelry, she’s wearing art  John, Florida


If Rocks had soul, each of your creations would be a band. Frank, Canada

Sherri, Idaho   You’re the only artist who makes me want jewelry!